Furniture moves

Do you need to transport furniture with a specialized team?

Global Relocation Service provides people with experience in loading and unloading baggage and furniture as well as dismantling and assembling furniture. If you move to the country or just in another part of town Global Relocation Service will help you make the best decisions for moving furniture.

Are you tired of your old furniture?

We can help with transport and our personnel can handle all the inconvenience generated by packing, unpacking, handling, removal, transportation, loading and unloading the furniture. All you have to do is to call us, the rest is just our responsibility.

To move the furniture, Global Relocation Service provides a full package of services in accordance with the specific requirements of the customers:

  • assistance at packing the goods and picking-up the goods from your residence;
  • handling the goods in and out the warehouse;
  • storage of your goods for an undetermined period at your request;
  • delivery of your goods at your residence at the end of storage services.

Global Relocation Service protects your goods and your confidence!