Frequently Asked Questions


Before relocation, small objects are placed in boxes, and the clothes in special wardrobe boxes. For boxes service please access our packing materials online shop. In order to reduce considerably the costs, you can do that yourself. We pack in a professional manner, the expensive, respectively fragile things. If, it is wanted, the wardrobes, beds and the large furniture objects may be dismounted and than mounted in the new dwelling place by our team. The boxes and furniture will be labeled, so that we can place the boxes in the adequate rooms from the new house.


Our relocation team will load up your goods in the truck on the date set out by you. It is essential that the goods be handled and placed in the truck, in order not to produce damages during the transportation. We take care to take the necessary precautions, when packing all the things from the house, so that everything develops as well as possible. Among them, it is counted for example, the sticking of some ends or floors, in order to prevent the occurrence of some accidents or damages.


The goods are transported to the new location with our trucks. Our company can make available for you an advantageous service of temporary storage.


When they are unloaded, the goods are placed directly in the adequate room. Often times, we execute also the mounting of the dismantled furniture ( placing the items just once). We will come to take up the empty boxes, on the date when you are available.

  • Establish the cancellation of the lease contract for this residence / garage or to put this residence on sale
  • Be careful to take few days off work during relocation
  • Establish the setting of the telephone line in the new house
  • Establish with the lodgers of the house in which you relocate if you wish to take the moquettes, curtains, antenna etc.
  • Find out if you can obtain indemnities for the relocation expenses.
  • Measure the size of the new residence (for furniture, refrigerator, freezer, cooker, curtains, blinds, so on.)
  • Arrange if possible with someone to help you with relocation in order to reduce the costs.
  • Call to Global Relocation Service to deliver the boxes at home. You can start in advance to pack the things, in your rhythm or we can take care of this. Think better what is worth or not to be taken with you in your new residence. Modify or request the cessation of the automatic payments of the utilities.
  • Make sure to obtain all documents necessary for settlement in the respective country. Acquire quickly a map with the locality in which you relocate, in order to show your friends, acquaintances and the company where you will settle.
  • Gather information of the locality in which you want to settle: schools, kindergartens, commercial centers, clubs, common transport means, connection to the utilities, system for the collection of the domestic, charges, etc. For all this, there may be a relocation office.
  • Prepare the new residence
  • Number and place of the sockets
  • Rules of the house owner
  • Rules imposed by the local authorities with a view to the mounting of the aerials
  • In what day it is collected the domestic waste
  • Is there a connection to gas network or not?
  • Is the new house connected to the public heating network?
  • When was the fireplace cleaned last time?
  • Is there a special connection for electric cooking machines?
  • Does the relocation team have access until the door?
  • Is there an elevator which can be used at relocation?
  • Housekeeper / firm who washes the windows / chimney sweeper / post (do not forget of keys!)
  • Inform the family physician, dentist, specialist physician, pharmacist, local authorities, school, fiscal administration
  • Notify the insurance company, banks and funds of investments
  • Terminate the electric energy subscription and other subscriptions, etc.
  • Request the modification of the residence in the passport and in the driving license
  • Leave the children and pets in someone's care.
  • Establish the way in which you hand over the keys of the actual residence and the way you enter in the possession of the keys of the new residence (attention to double keys).
  • Return the owners the borrowed things.
  • Returned the books borrowed from the library.
  • Think what you do with things you do not want to take in the residence you relocate in: you could offer them to the friends or family or other persons who need them or sell them on the local market
  • Establish with suppliers of the new furniture units to deliver them directly to the relocation company, in order to spare you of worries and to reduce the costs.
  • Clean the new residence.
  • Take off the moquette from the former residence.
  • Take the aerial from the roof.
  • Pack all things you think you do not use in the last moment before leaving.
  • Take advantage of the last day for collection of the domestic waste in order to dump the things you do not need.
  • Be sure you have enough money at hand; also, the coffee and cookies are welcomed during relocation.
  • If possible, arrange so that in the day of relocation to have some spare parking places near the residence, in order to hurry the relocation operations.
  • Keep some empty boxes in order to put in them the left objects.
  • Gather the last curtains.
  • Keep separately the important things as keys, money, medical documents, spare electric fuses so on
  • Control all rooms in order to ensure that you haven't forgotten anything.
  • Note the consumption indicated by the measuring devices, turn off the gas and the electric current.
  • If is winter, empty the water pipes (even if it is not cold outside).
  • Close well the windows and doors.
  • Hand over the keys to the house owner or to the new owner.
  • Number the rooms
  • Position everything if possible directly on its place
  • Control immediately all unpacked objects in order to establish the possible damages produced during relocation.
  • Leave the refrigerator and freezer unplugged before plugging.
  • Release the drum of the washing machine.
  • Communicate us the possible damages produced during relocation (no later then 3 days after damage occurrence).
  • Solve the possible disfunctionalities of the residence together with the owner from which you leased it.
  • Notify the local authorities and change the address in the driving license and in the identity documents.
  • Take possession of the keys of the postal box.
  • Make acquaintance with the new school, neighbors and the traders from the neighborhood, etc.
  • Check if the correspondence is sent to the new address.