Professional packing materials

You can also benefit from packing materials for relocations. The boxes are a service which is ensured only for the relocations carried out by us and not only.In order to buy boxes please choose the quantity from our list. Your order will be processed by our advisers. At shortest notice you will be contact to establish the details of the delivery. For delivery in Bucharest you will be charged a fee of 40 LEI for transport. For delivery in the country please contact us!

201 - Office Box
48cm X 32cm X 36cm
It can be used for packing the documents. The box has auto locking system and does not need any tape.
LEI 8.18
204 - Book Box
46cm X 31cm X 31cm
It can be used for packing the books.
LEI 6.49
206 - Miscellaneous Box
62cm X 46cm X 31cm
It can be used for packing the clothing items or others.
LEI 8.36
207 - Glass Box
46cm X 46cm X 62cm
It can be used for packing dishes and fragile content.
LEI 11.87
208 - Linnen Box
95cm X 46cm X 31cm
It can be used for packing the bedding.
LEI 12.45
210 - Hanging Wardrobe Box
130cm x 60cm x 60cm
Box with metal hanging bar is ideal for packing dresses, suits or long jackets.
LEI 109.00
214 - Packing paper
Used for packing different items.

- Lei/Kg -
LEI 7.82
215 - Tape
Used for sealing the packages.

- Lei/pcs -
LEI 6.33
216 - Bubble foil
It can be used for packing the fragile items. The air bubbles prevent the damage of the items.

- Lei/square meter -
LEI 3.00
218 - Stretch foil
Antistatic transparent foil for to seal the goods.

- Lei/roll -
LEI 38.29