National moves

Are you moving to another town?

Global Relocation Service can help facilitate moves in Bucharest as well as in the whole country. For more details please contact us or request a free quotation!

The moving process should have the following steps:


The survey

Our adviser might come to your residence to evaluate the volume of your goods. This survey is free of charge, for more details please contact us or request a free quotation.



Before the move, small objects are placed in boxes, and the clothes in special wardrobe boxes. For boxing service please access our packing materials online shop. In order to reduce the costs considerably, we encourage you to do this yourself. The expensive and fragile objects are packed in a professional manner. If it is wanted, the wardrobes, beds and the large furniture objects may be dismounted and then mounted in the new location by our team. The boxes and furniture will be labelled, so that we can place them in the adequate rooms of the new location.



Our relocation team will load up your goods in the truck on the date set out by you. It is essential that the goods be handled and placed in the truck, in order to not produce damages during the transportation. We make a priority out of taking all the necessary precautions when packing the things from the location, so that everything goes as well as possible. Among these precautions for example is sticking some ends to the truck in order to prevent the occurrence of some accidents or damages.



The goods are transported to the new location with the help of our trucks. Our company also disposes of an advantageous service of temporary storage.



When they are unloaded, the goods are placed directly in the proper room. We also execute the mounting of the dismantled furniture ( placing the items in their place just once). We will come to take the empty boxes, on a date that was set prior.