Letters of recommendation

We want to present the following letters of recommendation from the companies for which we have provided relocation services.

Continental Automotive Romania

We wish to express our appreciation for the professional manner in which Global Relocation Service coordinated the move of our offices, providing high quality services. Continental Automotive Romania has worked with Global Relocation Service in the period 14.09.2009 - 27.09.2009, the company providing removal services for Continental Automotive Romania.

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The Bank Italo-Romena

The bank Italo-Romena SpA Italy Treviso Bucharest Branch collaborates with Global Relocation Service in professional relocation services since 2000. Wide and flexible relocation services offered by the company Global Relocatlon is distinguished by quality, diversity and professionalism of its employees. Our bank is satisfied to work with the company mentioned above. We recommend the quality and professionalism of its services.

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